NovemberElder Elections - TBA
November 12Knox VKH Alpha at 1:00 pm
November 15Bible Study at 10:00 AM at Rev Julia's
November 15Presbytery Visitation meeting at 2:00 pm
- Everyone Welcome
November 15Session meeting at 07:00 pm
November 19Board of Managers Meeting
November 19Knox VKH Alpha at 1:00 pm
December 1Music and Mayhem at the DRA Hall at 07:30 pm
Tickets: $10 -available at Maxville Home Hardware
December 2Festival for Small Halls - St Andrews Presbyterian Church in Maxville
December 3First Sunday in Advent - Communion
Coffee Hour follows church service
Dunvegan Social Discussion
December 10Children's Christmas Pageant at 11:00 am
December 25Christmas Eve
7:00 pm
MS + Multiple Sclerosis Information - 1-800-268-7582
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