Mission, Vision and Motto


Provide a safe space where the community can freely gather to worship and praise God to grow in Christian faith.


On our journey forward we will:

      • Live as a caring congregation seeking to share, show and speak about the love and joy of knowing God
      • Adapt to changes and take risks to live by our values by hearing and teaching His word through the gospel of Jesus Christ
      • Promote stewardship of accumulated resources
      • Foster communication between session, committees and the congregation
      • Invite the participation of all in our church programs and activities
      • Support the world-wide mission of The Presbyterian Church in Canada


We value:

      • The involvement of members, adherents and children
      • Interdependency and caring for one another
      • Trust and integrity
      • The power of prayer
      • The use of our spiritual gifts in Christ’s service


With God we find a way

Kenyon Presbyterian Church, Dunvegan Ontario –  Est. 1840