The Church Bell

The bell which weighs 1500 pounds was purchased in 1883.   It was not rung until 3 years later due to a controversy over the inscription on the bell.

On one side it reads “Baltimore Bell Foundry, J. Regester and Sons, Baltimore, MD,1883” and on the other side “Naomhachd D’on Tighearn, Holiness Unto the Lord, Kenyon Free Presbyterian Church”

The words appear in both Gaelic and English and are based on the text in Zechariah 14:20.   Many in the congregation felt that inscriptions on church bells were unpresbyterian and of Roman origin, and that the inscriptionon the bell should be removed before it was put up in the steeple.

Fortunately the inscription was left on the bell, and it was mounted and rung for the first time in 1886.

Kenyon Presbyterian Church, Dunvegan Ontario –  Est. 1840